Motivated by love to share Jesus’ love with friends

Many of today’s committed next-generation Christians are hungry for the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s something I haven’t seen since the 1960’s or 70’s with the Jesus Movement.”

– Pastor David Ingrassia

A group of young Christian leader-believers walking on a path together.

Who are the leader-believers?

In our experience, leader-believers have the following characteristics:

  • A passionate love for Jesus
  • A hunger for His Word
  • A bold empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Reaching out in love

Leader-believers are motivated by the love and grace they experience from the Lord. They have come to understand that God’s presence in this world is real and His Word is true. They are eager for their friends and networks to know that same love.

A group of Christian young people praying together for their friends.

Hearts seeking the Lord

We've noticed the following about the hearts of leader-believers...

Hearts set on love...

Hearts set on truth...

Hearts set on the Bible...

Depiction of an online video conference among leader-believers to share perspectives and methods.

What does myWOS offer?

myWOS is a network of next-generation leaders and their mentors coming together to make disciples and grow as disciples themselves. myWOS is a network of next-generation leaders and their mentors, together strengthening their relationships with others to make disciples. Through the Holy Spirit, the church in unity can reach the world. Technology allows us to reinforce and encourage that unity. The Internet makes it possible to cut across time and space and gain wisdom across generations and cultures.

We learn together, and
share insights and experiences

The distinctive of myWOS is that what we do online serves to augment ministry we already do offline. It is not an online replacement for leader-believers who gather offline. Instead, it provides an additional platform to learn together, and to share insights and experiences. It’s about engaging in community as we walk God’s path.