The myWOS platform

 A catalyst for building an encouraging interactive community

The myWOS members area contains an array of community building, sharing, and learning features. The focus is on features that promote interactivity and the flow of “fresh" information and approaches, like the “Ask me anything" video series. It's about growing together as a community of leader-believers.

Not just a site – a platform

The members area of myWOS is a web platform. Think along the lines of social media, like the interactivity on Instagram, where people don't just view or read something but can talk and share with others. We consider interactivity to be extremely important. It's how we communicate and grow together. It's how we walk God's path together. It's how we learn and grow in wisdom.

Hands of people from different ethnic backgrounds upholding a fellow Christian believer in prayer.

Building community

The members area of the myWOS platform provides leader-believers with a rich environment for building community with other disciple makers. The following are the main sections of the members-only platform:


  • Bible videos
  • Theology videos
  • Ask me anything videos


  • Bible cluster training
  • Journey group intro
  • Live hangouts
  • Live mentoring circles
  • Live webinars


  • Storytelling videos
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Video & file uploader


  • Creative visual arts
  • Creative music
  • Creative film
  • Creative performance art

A network of networks

myWOS is like a network of networks built upon face-to-face relationships. It helps leader-believers in their training and growth, and affects the many people around them by extension. The platform makes it possible for members to communicate across time and space with people who are sometimes from other cultures, countries, and generations. It's a place where leader-believers can gather insights from their peers and mentors, and interact with them.

Raised hands of prayer depicting people from different ethic backgrounds.

The myWOS platform hosts the training and experience gained by a cloud of other leader-believers from different backgrounds. And it gives members increasing opportunities to meet other leader-believers and gain from them as the community grows. The myWOS online community augments, extends, and enriches already existing face-to-face relationships.

Come join the community

We invite you to join the dynamic myWOS community by signing up through the Join myWOS link below. You will find a platform with a variety of user-generated and pre-recorded content, as well as live video meetings for sharing and learning.